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3 Best Things to Make on Valentine's Day in 2023

Roses, chocolates, and a fancy dinner date are all great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with one another, but perhaps the best Valentine's Day gift can be a simple drawing or message!

If you're not the best at drawing, don't worry. We'll use the online graphing calculator Desmos to create our illustrations! Below are three creative images and messages you can design with a couple of simple math functions! It won't be anything too hard to make! Better yet, it's free!


1) "I Love U" Message

This message is composed of equations from Pre-Algebra to Trigonometry! Everything from linear to trigonometric functions are included! But don't worry, we've provided you with the equations down below! This function consists of:

  • "I" - Linear Function

  • "L" - Exponential Function

  • "O" - Circle Equation

  • "V" - Absolute Value Function

  • "E" - Sinusoidal Function

  • "U" - Quadratic Function

Plug these equations into Desmos to get your lovely Valentine's Day message!

Equation for "I LOVE YOU" message!


2) Heart

With 4 functions, you can make a simple heart without having to deal with a ton of numbers and variables.

This graph only involves 2 semi-circle inequalities, as well as an absolute value inequality!

Here are the 4 equations to plug into Desmos to make the heart:

Equations for heart!


3) Valentine's Dance

This dance illustration may look complicated, but it's really not. All the drawing is composed of is a circle and linear equations in the form of

y = mx + b (slope - intercept form)!

Here's the list of equations you would plug in to create this dance drawing!

Equations for Dance Illustration!

The possibilities of what you can make with Desmos are endless! You can even make a floral scene if you wanted to! Or you might want to try writing your valentine's name on Desmos for a challenge! Make one of these for your valentine to show your appreciation for them!

Whether it's your first Valentine's Day together with your significant other or it's the thousandth time you're sharing the love with your partner, the memories from February 14, 2023 will be unforgettable.

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