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Caden Leung's Story

As much as I loved chemistry, biology, math, and watching elephant toothpaste explode, the conceptual and learning  aspect would wrack my brain for hours. I would spend many nights reading about concepts such as how acid-base titrations work, doing practice problems, and watching YouTube explainers. These were helpful and I eventually  learned the content, but there was clearly one problem: it took too long to grasp a concept and make it stick. 


Therefore, after stockpiling many concepts, tips, and shortcuts, I founded Biorithmetic to share my strategies to help others, specifically underserved communities and students, to master tough concepts in biology, math, and chemistry! 


Along with incorporating a serious dose of buffoonery and many applicable examples into our teaching, our ultimate goal is to play an integral role in the academic journey and success of every student.

Caden Leung

Founder & CEO of Biorithmetic

Meet our team

We're a group of high school students encouraging the academic success of underserved children by providing free educational resources tailored to each child's needs.

Caden Leung


With my strength in math and chemistry, I hope to make a positive impact on hundreds, if not thousands of underserved communities by providing them with free education tailored to their needs. Hence, I've combined curriculum development and teaching (with a serious dose of buffoonery) into one organization dedicated to public benefit!

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Claire Lee

Social Media & Marketing

I joined Biorithmetic in hope to put my interest in designing and styling to use. Biorithmetic is a great opportunity to be able to put my creativity to the test, while also helping students academically. I will do my best to make sure that all infographics are clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing!

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Matthew To

Vice President

I joined Biorithmetic because I enjoy helping others and it was a unique opportunity to reach out to students that are struggling academically. I understand the difficulties of grasping complex topics without outside help, so I wanted to provide assistance to students who may have trouble finding extra learning support.

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Megan Chou

Curriculum Developer

As someone who often has a hard time concentrating, I will do my best to ensure that our comics are enjoyable, concise, and easy to understand. I am also a really good listener and I love to play the saxophone in my free time :)

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