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Make an Impact!

Want to contribute in our mission to provide free resources and workshops to others including underserved children? Apply for a position today!

Our Departments:

Articles 📚

We get it. Reading long paragraphs of math and science lingo absolutely sucks. Our publication department gives our audience the tl;dr of the basic concepts of math, biology, and chemistry.

Our theme when writing our articles is simple: read less, learn more.

Videography 🎥

Don't feel like reading? That's where the videography department comes in. The videography team edits the videos where Caden Leung breaks down difficult math, biology, and chemistry concepts that anyone can digest in 5 ~ 10 minutes. 

Tutoring ✏️

Biorithmetic offers free tutoring workshops from Elementary Math to Geometry, as well as biology and chemistry to children. This program includes 50+ free worksheets, PDFs, assessments, and study guides.

Social Media 📱

Our social media team oversees Biorithmetic's Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok platforms. They collaborate with the founder Caden Leung to create short, entertaining math, biology, and chemistry clips for our audience.

The social media department also is responsible for managing all collaboration and sponsorship inquiries with other organizations.

Are you ready to join our team and make an impact for underserved children?

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